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Health Insurance

Craniosacral therapy sessions are reimbursed by most Health Insurers. The condition for such reimbursement is that besides the Basic Insurance one also choses for the so called Extra Insurance packages. Please check your insurance policy for your rightful coverage amount.

When asking your Health Insurers about your rightful coverage amount for your session/treatment, please tell them about the therapist registrations below, as well as the membership of the National Professional Association:

AGB code: Practioners General Databank
Therapist AGB code: 90 03 47 39
Practice AGB code: 90 01 36 92
Website: Vektis

Foundation RBCZ: Register for Practioners of Complementary Medicine Licence number 911129R
Website: RBCZ 

For people who want to change of Health Insurer – important: every year, the latest date to change contracts is on December 31st – visit the following link for detailed comparison overview of several Health Insurers: Welkezorgverzekering.nl

Chamber of Commerce nr: 30272116

BTW-identification nr.: NL002213317B43