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Cell Salts and Dutch Flower Essences

The conscious search for “the other way” keeps interesting me. The combinations of Dr. Schüβler’s Cell Salts with de Dutch Flower Essences (Bloesem Remedies Nederland -BRN) are ways into the matter and spirit. Dr. Schüβler’s Cell Salts are the body’s own minerals that ground it; the BRN helps loosen locked thought patterns. Together they improve the balance, the spirit can manifest in the matter. This is exactly what Craniosacral does, but in another way. Dr. Schüβler’s Cell Salts work in the physical body, BRN works on the mental and emotional level, the spiritual body. Together they give balance to a person. The physical body can have an imbalance of minerals such as: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, sodium, chlorine, zinc, copper, etc. The spirit can for example have an imbalance caused by old patterns. Cell Salts are a link to the earth, BRN is a link to the universe. Together they go full circle. This is mine Craniosacral saying “roots, roots, ball” manifested. Craniosacral Therapy does this by remembering, recovering and inspiring awareness. This knowledge and energy is a welcome addition to Craniosacral sessions. It’s not necessary, but complimentary on the search for the how and what and the knowing of another way.

If you want to know more I recommend the two following links www.celzouten.nl, www.celzouten.com and www.bloesem-remedies.com. Do you want personal assistance? Make an appointment for deeper explanation and testing. The test learns what your nervous system and body needs at the moment and what it can handle. Like the Craniosacral sessions it’s a subtle approach with deep results. Cell Salts and BRN together support the client in the path to consciousness to experience the link between body and spirit. Let yourself be wondered by the power of Cell Salts and BRN and experience your own force and deep wisdom.