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One time consultations are always a possibility. Normally a complete treatment lasts an average 6/8/12 weeks with 6/8/12 sessions within this period. The frequency is always decided by mutual agreement, it is always taylor-made. It is about the further autonomy development. The real duration of a treatment is dependant on how the consciousness process develops and the individual wishes of the client. There are several possibilities: I have seen clients who came every week during 3 months and also clients who planned ahead once a month for the whole year. What works best for you? What do you wish to achieve? How fast or how phased to you want to achieve your wellness, your awareness?

You do not need a doctor’s reference for a consultation.

Those treatments * are not * set off against neither the obligatory nor the voluntary deductible excess. This because they are Alternative Medicine treatments and to be entitle to receive reimbursements for them you need to have Additional Insurance besides the Basic Health Insurance.