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Stillness in Motion

The 2.5 days Stillness in Motion is not a course.

The 2.5 days SiM are personal encounters in Stillness.

It has to do with “it can be different”. The background is Craniosacral Therapy, CST. This thanks to CST’s in depth whole body perspective, stillness and inspirational qualities.

It is about the experience and getting used that we can, we have the right, we are able to remain grounded for 2.5 days in a role. The feeling and the experience that we can be safe and comfortable being grounded and being welcome in who we are.
That we may be sensitive and insightful.
All this in the here and now, once and for all.

The 2.5 days are the stepping stone for our daily lives.

That’s the reason why participants join the 2.5 days several times a year. The repetition is actually no repetition, because everybody’s consciousness keeps developing over time.

Our consciouness develops continually…

In the 2.5 days I make “everything” that the inner self wishes possible: to be welcome, to be respected, to be responsible, to be happy, to have fun, to be seen, to be heard, to be allowed to be who one is, etc.
What do you long to?
What would you like in your daily life that is not yet possible?
Your answer to those questions and what you desire will be / becomes your focus of attention during your 2.5 days.

Repeatedly my experience is when you choose to join a 2.5 days SiM, that the participants of that group which arises are mirrors to each other. This way each of us is able to look at ourselves in a gentle respectful manner, gently learning on our own pace and way to fully understand and accept who we are. This is pure empowerment. This is being at the same time self-sufficient, independent and uniek while being connected with everybody and everything else. The ONE yet at the same time also the MANY.

Do you see CST’s perspective back in here?
☆ being powerful, securely and present in one’s bones;
☆ having a whole bodily connection;
Those two awareness make it possible for the heart to be happy, free, safe and sound.
That’s why the background is CST! Due to the body + mind + soul connection. The body is the bridge. A bridge connects two places, two worlds, two consciousness, two people, etc.

At the same time each of us is uniek + each of us is connected to each other.

Definitely knowing who the ONE is. Knowing and experiencing the own limits. This is the definition of I AM.

Experiencing and feeling the ONEness with everything. This is the I AM NOT because we become, WE ARE.

This is training of a twofold perspective at the same time:
☆ and I am uniek
and at the same time
☆I am one with everybody without loosing myself in the other.
Back to the personal boundaries, yet borderless at the same time.
Those two perspectives together.

Therefore I need the CST perspective, acceptance, respect and awareness.

The body is literally the embodiment of our entire existance. The body is the gathering of EVERYTHING that you are. In other words ☆ the body ☆ is where all the attention and focus is at every single moment. ☆ The body ☆ is the ☆ manifestation ☆ from all that is at every single moment.

For me the body is a drop in the ocean of wisdom and infinite possibilities. Without that drop, the ocean is completely different, because each drop makes the ocean uniek.

That’s why I view the body through CST’s perspective, due to the subtle, respectful touch. This kind of touch is the bridge between the ONE and the ALL = the endless, the infinite. CST is for me the bodily connection. CST is for me the bridge to becoming whole once again. That’s why CST focuses on the source and not on the symptoms.

Those 2.5 days are peaceful encounters in stillness and inspiration with one another. Those 2.5 days mimic the life we wish to live and show us that such a life is very much possible, achievable and simple!

In the previous months all my processes deeply accelerated and embedded.

Mij wish is to allow others to experience this new achieved consciousness and frequency by coming together as individuals in a group in oneness and wholeness.

The 2.5 days are about you, for each participant. We are then more “yous” that come together.

I grant everybody such a experience, such an awareness, such being present and becoming whole.

The fertile emptiness of Being.

The happiness of being, free from limiting self chosen or imposed beliefs.

We come together to be and to remember what we already know.

We do not need to learn anything else. We may activate everything that is already present.

I clearly notice that more than ever clients desire to just be. This is the desired next step. We have “done” it all. We have “learned” it all. Now it is the time to be and enjoy our talents. Now it is the time to consciously create our life. To consciously shape our own chosen life.

The 2.5 days are Beingness practice. The 2.5 days are Presence, Awareness practice.

Everyone is already full of this or that course. We are beyond courses.

Now the time is ripe to put in practice the acquired / the accumulated knowledge. Now the time is ripe to make the inner wisdom become the “outer” wisdom.

That is what the 2.5 days are about.

That is what the 2.5 days are for.

To focus the attention on the here and now…

… so that the OWN answers ☆ spontaneously ☆ arise …

The 2.5 days are your Self encounter. They are the rendezvous with oneSelf.

Under such circumstances YOU may be COMPLETELY who you are.

That is my wish.

That is what I want to inspire everybody.

… as always keep on listening to your heart…

…BE welcome for your own 2.5 days Stillness in Movement.