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Craniosacral lessons for children

Children and Cranio

Working with children keeps on being a natural thing for me. The experiences in my practice are now inspiring me to take the next step of consciousness. This because I notice that children respond very well to Craniosacral therapy. It was a pleasant surprise for me that children passed on the exercises I gave them during the treatment to their friends at school. Step by step the children teach each other about body-consciousness in a subtle, unconscious and playful way. It is also my experience that both the parent’s at home and the teachers at school notice the subtle but yet significant change in the children’s behavior. The responses ranged from that the child  ‘is more comfortable in its skin’, ‘the eyes are more sparkling’, ‘it is more open’, ‘more playful’, ‘conscious’,  clearer’, ‘more balanced’ and so on.

The desire to actively transfer the knowledge and sensitivity of the Craniosacral method to more children grew in me. It made me want to do more than just treat the children. I want to share my knowledge and sensitivity with them. It’s my wish that children themselves become aware of the other person and of of whom they are. That relationships both with themselves and the other can be more in balance. That to feel is natural. That ‘ being ‘ and ‘ feeling’ are just as natural as thinking. That children experience what it is to listen to themselves through their own body. That they can say no to other children when they are tired or when there are too many impressions during a party. That they become aware that they can overflow with too much information and impressions. That they learn how to better handle these situations.  That they can clearly set their limits and say when enough is enough. This prevents that they close themselves off, flee or become sad or aggressive.

My intention when treating a newborn or child is to make the child more aware, confident and to allow it to grow more freely and happy. This is my wish for every child and adult. The choice of giving lessons to children is my next step to fulfill this wish. I choose to make the circle round by also teaching an integration lesson with children and parents together. The integration lesson is about reflection. Your child is your own personal mirror. What do you see in it?

Craniosacral helps reminding me that it can be simple, it can be different. I help others with the remembering. I am a translator. I listen to the body. I translate from my heart. That for me is Craniosacral. That is the what I mean with EnerGy in Motion. The movement between thinking and feeling, feeling and being. Simply Being. It is my desire to create awareness through insights using a playful experience.

I am inviting you and your child to join this experience.

Target: Playfully becoming conscious.

Target Group: All children that are interested.

Number of participants per session:
2-6 children per lesson

Age Categories:
Per 3 years: 5 until 7 years; 6 until 8 years; 8 until 10 years; 10 until 12 years; 12 until 15 years (other age groups in consultation)

Number of lessons: 
4 lessons at a time. Those are taylor made lessons thought the whole year around, also during the summer.

Lesson Length:
1.5 hour.

Course days: In consultation from Monday to Friday

Course hours: follows the Online Agenda every week day from 1:30 p.m.The times are decided in consultation.

Frequency: once every 2-3 weeks.

Except the lessons being about Craniosacral Therapy, the following themes will be taught during the lessons.

• Self-knowledge as a basis;
• The relation with the other as a mirror to the self;
• What is consciousness, trust, acceptance, respect;
• What is responsibility, what is to be responsible;
• What is body consciousness;
• What are bones, muscles, tendons, organs;
• What is here and now presence;
• What is feeling and knowing from the heart;
• What is “seeing” with the eyes closed;
• What is listening to the body;
• What is energy, what is to feel/experience energy;
• What is grounding, how does it work and why;
• What is health, healthy food, daily water consumption;
• Learn to deal with emotions, sadness, anger, powerlessness, misunderstanding, loss, death in the family, among friends, etc;
• In each lesson there is space for questions and themes both children and parents ask for at that moment.

Costs: € 45,- per child per lesson.

via e-mail or call

Course location: EnerGy in Motion practice for Craniosacral therapy in IJsselstein (Utrecht).

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