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About Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy

The introduction evenings are meant both for beginners and therapists from other modalities who are interested in getting acquainted with a subtle and at the same time profound approach to Craniosacral Therapy (CST). KPIJ’s Introduction to CST consists of 4 workshops. At the introduction workshop participants work on the table at each other’s head (cranium/cranio), at the sacrum (sacral) and at the diafragm. The participants will have the opportunity to explore in depth those three areas and their particularities. Each one of those three perceptions is going to be experienced at large. The participants will also learn to recognize body relations through learning of simple anatomic concepts. When time permits, there will also be an introduction to specific techniques for working in the mouth, ears and eyes.

In the Introduction workshop the following topics will be presented:

•    What is Craniosacral Therapy?

•    How does it work?

•    For whom is it?

  • Specialisations:
    • Working with babies and children;
    • Working with horses;
    • CST in water;
    • Deepening the skills and perception: Craniosacral Biodynamics.

•    Effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction

•    A reliable alternative treatment

•    Reference list

Bring with you: pen and paper. Participants will lie on a table for demonstrations and exercises. Consider bringing a mattress topper or a futton mattress for you to lie more comfortably. If you feel necessary, consider bringing a fleece blanket and a bed sheet cover.

Testimonials workshop Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy on March 6, 2010

In one word: awareness
What I mean is that (once more) during the workshop I became aware that I still have many blockages to solve in order to be able to fell well. I did not know what to expect from the workshop, I would very much like to really know what craniosacral therapy is about. I learned a great deal in the workshop, it was given with a lot of passion. The participants were very motivated, contributing with plenty of energy and thanks to the high sensitivity of some people the workshop got an extra dimension.

Bob Hagemans, IJsselstein

In one word: enlightening
After experiencing CST in a demonstration at the Open Dag on 5 september 2009 I sent my daughter to Gláucia. After seeing the results I wanted to learn more. At the workshop I not only learned the background but experienced being ′treated′ and ′ treating′ someone. The effects that you feel in your body receiving or giving CST is remarkable. The natural energy from somebody is extremely powerful and with this form of touch you feel your energy surge and even out and literaly feel yourself ′heal′ from the inside out. Words can not explain what you feel, for everyone it is different yet a remarkable experience.

Bonieta Sievers, IJsselstein

In one word: insight
It was a pretty special experience to create in such a short period of time with a group of “strangers” such a beautiful energy. Each and every one gave each other’s trust and this in a world were trust is not so common anymore. The exercises we learned are integrated in my own system and they help me to be strong and in balance in life. Roots, roots, bol… it sounds to simple, but it works so deep.

Erika van der Tier, IJsselstein

In one word: inspiring
It was my expectation and hope that a tip of the veil was lifted on Craniosacral Therapy. The workshop did this and I experienced it as informative, compelling and respectful. It has made me more curious about the Craniosacral system and its workings!

Esther Bosschert, IJsselstein

In one word: very instructive!
The workshop made it clear to me that even with little energy one already achieves results. This said, I am very inspired to go on learning about CST.

Jan Mulder, Wijk bij Duurstede

In one word: energy!
It was a very nice introduction to craniosacral. Very clear explanation. Lots of inspiration.

Joanne Schram, IJsselstein

In one word: Satisfied or Togetherness.
It was a very cosy morning, where one feels the protection from a group with the same expectations. There was enough room for questions and the whole time there was the space created for explanation. My feeling is that one morning was too short, because I want to know so much more of it.

Karin Visscher, IJsselstein

In one word: inspiration
The combination of theory, live practical examples, experiential exercises and the “on the table” work, made it possible for me to understand in a few hours the essence of Craniosacral Therapy. Gláucia, your inspirational way of talking made it possible for me to “feel through”. The workshop was far beyond my expectations.

Marjolijn van Dam, IJsselstein

In one word: confirmation
The confirmation that I have chosen the right way to come even closer to my own self. I liked very much the diverse group of participants and each one’s distinct energy. I want very much to be in the Follow-up course, because I want to know more about Craniosacral Therapy and how may I integrate this knowlegde in my life. I would like to be kept informed about such developments.

Tineke van Beuningen, IJsselstein

In one word: “A little present”
I am very impressed by your unconditional attention for us as a group as well for me as a persoon. With very simple exercises you let us fell what can be achieved with Craniosacral Therapy.

Tineke van Dam, IJsselstein