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Follow-up Craniosacral Therapy

The knowlegde from the Introduction Day is required for participation in the follow-up course.

Participants ended the previous workshop on the table being able to experience for themselves the effects of the subtle touch from Craniosacral Therapy. At the follow-up workshop participants will start on the table as soon as they refreshed the knowledge of the previous course. At the introduction workshop participants worked on the table at each other’s head (cranium/cranio), at the sacrum (sacral) and at the diafragm. In the follow-up participants will have the opportunity to explore in depth those three areas and their particularities. Each one of those three perceptions is going to be experienced at large. In the follow-up participants will learn to recognize body relations through learning of simple anatomic concepts. When time permits, there will also be an introduction to specific techniques for working in the mouth, ears and eyes.

All in all clear steps will be taken to enlarge consciousness as means to lead to insights in the comprehension of the relation between body and mind. As during the introduction, participants will end the day with a broader perception of themselves and their concepts, with a profound inner quietness, inner silence plus a healthy feeling of their own-worth and well being. Even after such a short workshop at the end, people do become more aware and in balance, being able to concentrate beter and being more respectfull to themselves.

Bring with you: a mattress topper or a futton mattress or a sleeping bag for use on the treatment table, a fleece blanket, a bed sheet cover, one hand towel; 4 latex hand gloves to evt. work in each other’s mouth.