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Stillness in Motion lessons for children

Target: Playfully becoming conscious.

Target Group: All children that are interested and enjoy it.

Number of participants per lesson: 2-4 children per lesson.

Age Categories: Per 3 years: 5 until 7 years; 6 until 8 years; 8 until 10 years; 10 until 12 years; 12 until 15 years (other age groups in consultation)

Number of lessons: 4 lessons at a time. Those lessons are taylor made and are given the whole year around, also during the summer vacation.

Lesson Length: 1.5 hours

Course days: In consultation from Monday to Friday

Course hours: follows the Online Agenda every week day from 1:30 p.m.The times are decided in consultation.

Frequency: Once every 2 weeks.

Cost: € 45,- per child per lesson.

Registration: Via e-mail or call

Course location: EnerGy in Motion practice for Craniosacral Therapy in IJsselstein (Utrecht).

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