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Welcome to the website of the practice EnerGy in Motion. In 2019 the practice is 15 years old. Gláucia is the Craniosacral Therapist (CST). In the last 10 years she has been developing Stillness in Motion (SiM). SiM is her own perspective. The background of SiM is CST. SiM is the best of the best that she has experienced in her whole life. SiM is the deepst of the deepest. SiM is the refinement of the refinement. SiM is precise work with sharpened perception. SiM is coming home into yourself. SiM is becoming aware of body, mind and soul and their interaction. SiM is meditation, is bodywork, is breathing work, is anatomy, fysiology, etc. And yet, SiM is so simple it is for daily use.

Gláucia teaches SiM to both adults, children and also to graduated therapists. She offers diverse treatments. Besides this she also treats horses.

Gláucia Maps” originated from the intention to become conscious of the unconscious and to come home into yourself! Click this link to read more about Gláucia Maps.

2018 starts with a deepening in who I am and what I do: the Coöperatieve Sensitieve Geneeskunde®  (free translation: Cooperative Sensitive Medicine) from Dr. Eduard Van den Bogaert and Judith.

In 2017 my attention returns to an old passion, Floral Essences. Besides the Dutch Flower Essences, I focus now also on Bach Flower Essences from England and on North American Desert Flower Essences, Desert Alchemy. New perspectives, energy, vibration and frequency. Flower Essences rebalance and harmonize emotions. Like Craniosacral Therapy, the Flower Essences’s strength is gentleness and subtlety leading to an immediate connection between body & soul.

In 2017 I move focused on Feldenkrais. What I love is exactly what Moshe Feldenkrais tells: ‘Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant and pleasurable!’ Feldenkrais broadens my body awareness so that I let go easily of oud patterns.

In 2017 I also turn my attention to the Libray of the Soul: the Akasha Chronicles, or the Akashic Records. This brings a deepening in Souls’ awareness, insights in my own paths, choices and insights in the consequences of my choices! The metaphor is that each of us has hers/his own book and that each of us may ready the own book and specially each may write hers/his own book!

In 2016 the focus of deepening the awareness is twofold. In the same way as Craniosacral Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) light and subtle strokes strengthens the body’s self-healing and self-regenerating capabilities.

In 2016 the focus is also on bonding and Traumawork through Breaking the Silence: Trauma Constellations. Or so called ‘Constellation of  Intentions based on MultiGenerational Systemic Psychotraumatheory’ (MSPT).

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